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Phathom was initially formed by Cap't Raab, Tony T, and Myk DDT as a live-instrumented Hip-Hop group in Seattle in 1999.  After several years of playing the dismal Seattle hip-hop scene (leaking the underground e.p. "Lyrical Whip"), and the fire that decimated their practice pad and equipment, the line-up dwindled to Raab and Myk by 2001.  Raab and Myk resurrected Phathom as a Nuttmeg group, mixing funk with metal, reggae, jazz, and ska, following the influences of groups like Fishbone, P-Funk, Frank Zappa, The Melvins, Sly Stone, Infectious Grooves, and Prince.  The style shift made finding like-minded (and stylistically able) musicians even more difficult than in the hip-hop days, and Raab and Myk shifted gears to making Phathom a studio project.

Phathom released it's first e.p. in it's new configuration "Nutt'z Happening" on Fidgety Piglet Records in summer of 2002, and is recently finished its' follow-up, "The Gift of Crabs" in January  2003.  Phathom's sound has been tagged "A nightmare blend of funk, ska, 80's metal, and Tony Clifton..." , and despite distain from indie-rock press, Phathom has established an underground following among those seeking an escape from the blah and sterility of modern rock, bling-rap, nu-metal, and psuedo-funk.